When I post a URL, will you generate a link preview?

When you include a URL in your post we will automatically insert a preview of the website (1). The link preview will appear after your post is submitted, and can include an image, page title, page description, video player, and more (2).

To remove a link preview, simply click on the X in the upper right corner of the preview. Don’t worry, you can always add it back! Simply edit the post & add a blank space at the end of the URL - submit your changes & the preview will re-appear.



URL: https://youtu.be/wEM6btbxY7M

link preview 2 - youtube.png


URL: http://www.nextwaveconnect.com/vision/ 

link preview 1 - about NWC.png


(1)Note: If more than one URL is included in a single post, we will display a preview of the first URL only.

(2)Note: The details included in a link preview depend on the information that we receive back from the provider.

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