I've enabled browser notifications in Next Wave Connect, but I'm not receiving them

If you have not seen a pop-up requesting permission to allow notifications from NWC, then you may have notifications disabled or blocked in your browser’s settings. Or, the browser or version you’re using may not support web notifications.

See below for instructions on how to adjust your browser’s notification settings: 


Chrome (Version 47+)

  1. In Chrome, go to the Chrome menu and select “Settings”

  2. Click on the “Show advanced settings” link at the bottom of the page

  3. In the “Privacy” section, click “Content Settings”

  4. In the box that appears, scroll down to “Notifications” and select the following option:

    • Ask when a site wants to show notifications (recommended)

  5. Next, click on “Manage exceptions” to view a list of the sites that you have already allowed or blocked

  6. If you see that https://community.nextwaveconnect.com has been blocked, change the behavior to “Allow”

  7. The next time you login to Next Wave Connect you will be prompted to allow notifications - click “Allow”


Firefox (Version 44+)

  1. In Firefox, go to the Firefox menu and select “Preferences”

  2. Open the “Content” panel and click on the “Choose” button under Notifications

  3. In the box that appears, look for https://community.nextwaveconnect.com - if the status is “Block,” select the site & click on the “Remove Site” button

  4. Click on “Save Changes”

  5. The next time you login to Next Wave Connect you will be prompted to receive notifications from NWC - click on the “Always receive notifications” button


Safari (Version 9+)

We're currently working on enabling browser notifications for Safari users - coming soon!


Internet Explorer (IE) & Edge

Browser notifications are currently not supported by IE or Edge.

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