How do I create a community?

  1. Click on the “View My Communities” or the “All Communities” link in your left-hand menu

  2. Click on the “Create a Community” button in the upper right-hand corner

  3. The community creation wizard will guide you through each step of the community creation process, allowing you to add basic information about your community, select your community’s privacy settings, and add members:

    • Community Information: Add your community name (required), a brief description, and an image that represents your community.

    • Community Properties: Set your community’s privacy settings by selecting one or more properties and by choosing 1 of the 3 posting permissions. Add tags to describe your community using keywords; these tags will aid in search results.

    • Community Members: Inviting members to follow your community can help you spread the word about your community & grow your audience. Invites also control who has permission to access your community, if it is private.

    • Administrators: Community Administrators will have permission to edit your community. Any administrator has permission to change community properties & privacy settings, add/remove members, and add/remove administrators.

  4. Click on the “Finish” button when you’re done

Once the community is created, you’ll be taken to the community where you can make your first post, add photos & documents to the library, or edit your community and adjust your settings.

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